10 Best Hairstyle Ideas for Brunettes

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The brunettes do not count for plums! ”

We know the song ! But when it comes to making beautiful braids or beautiful ponytails, we brown, very often tend to envy beautiful blondes. Why ? Simply because their golden reflections go so well with many hairstyles. And the effect is not always the same on our ebony mane … But rest assured, dear brunettes, you too are spoiled for choice to sublimate your hair, just be inspired and creative!

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So for those who lack inspiration, we found some haircuts and hairstyles, from long to short, for fine or thick hair, which will put you in full view and will make you want!

It’s all well and good to have hot hair, if it’s not to do anything when summer comes. Are you brown and you do not count for plums? Here are some canon hairstyle ideas for brown hair.

“Everyone still repeats that men prefer blondes …” Well, in fact, NO. You are a brunette who assumes! You like the darkness of your hair and the shadows they have. They give you a mysterious, dark, mischievous air … No, definitely, if you had to make a choice, you would stay brown all your life and never, ever great, would you turn to another option…

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Not so long ago, we had concocted a small selection of hairstyles perfect for blond hair … and in the face of a growing demand to achieve the equivalent for brown hair, we hastened to make you pleasure (although we can admit that this was planned from the beginning).

And you can find all other suggestions that we have compiled for you to use it for lon, shor or medium hair. Be fast and be excited first try this all right now…

Best Choices For Brunettes

#1: Brown with Caramel High Lights

Brown with caramel high lights

Lived in Color❤
Tropical Brown with caramel high lights.
Hair color @johnnyramirez

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#2: Balayage Dark Brown Hair

balayage dark brown hair


#3: Brunettes with Blonde Highlights

brunettes with blonde highlights

Beautiful girl, beautiful hair! 🌺 @fauxsom 🌺

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#4: Balayage Naturally Curly Hair

Balayage Naturally Curly Hair


#5: Beautiful Brunette Women

beautiful brunette women

On a Wednesday, when the sky is blue. 💕 Cut by @hair_byjoseph + color and styled by @chrisgreenehair

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#6: Short Brunette Haircuts


#7: Sunny Brunette Beauty

Sunny brunette beauty hair


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#8: Brunette Long Bangs

brunette long bangs

Let these bangs do all the talking!! ✨ This cutie got a fresh cut + style by @erikjonhair of The Tracy Cunningham Salon at the @waldorfbevhills

#9: Medium Brunette Haircuts

medium brunette haircuts

Sexin’ up this #sundayfunday with these sultry cuts by @stizzyho!!! | 🔥🔥🔥

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#10: Light Layers Brunette Hair

Light Layers Brunette Hair


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