25 Most Edgy Haircuts

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These are the models that you can feel good all season. When you’re bored of your hair, or really feel such as you’ve worn each model underneath the solar, it could be time to go for an edgier look. Fantastic colored hair can be fashionable next season.

Edgy Haircolor and Haircuts

#1: Edgy African Blonde

African blonde edgy short haircuts

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For African women this edgy hairstyle can inspire.

#2: Messy Red Purple

edgy messy purple hair

You will look beautiful everywhere with these fantastic colors. You can distribute your hair blended with a little red and black.

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#3: Balayage Ombre

bob edgy silver hair

This silver ombre hair color is very attractive. Taking asymmetrical to a brand new stage, these slanted bangs sweep dramatically throughout the face, fully masking one eye.

#4: Shaggy Short Bob

shaggy short bob

You do not have to try different styles to get a different look.

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#5: Edgy Golden Blond

Ombre golden blond

You can try the blonde for a stylish asymmetrical cut. This normal length hair will make you look great.

#6: Edgy Medium Haircut

edgy medium haircut

Your hair is very special for you. For straight hair this cut can be indispensable. Always try different models can rest your soul.

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#7: Seductive Hairstyle

Sexy medium Haircut for women

This cool and messy haircut will make your partner feel very special.

#8: Edgy Haircolor

edgy short haircuts

Some girls seem to be born for pixie cuts. Colorful hairstyle with very aggressive look perfect.

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#9: Edgy Grey Pixie

edgy grey pixie hairstyle

Mature women may look very young with short but gray hair color. Pixie cut can use this model in both summer and winter.

#10: Edgy for Black Women

Short edgy haircuts for black women

Black women are always front plan with fantastic hair models. This color may be perfect for you.

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#11: Edgy Blonde Hair Color

edgy blonde haircuts

Edgy hairstyle suitable for blonde ladies.

#12: Edgy Cool Hairstyle

edgy silver hair

The longer pieces on top contrast perfectly with a high undercut around the back and sides of hair.

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#13: Sweet Bob

pixie bob hair

With this hairstyle you can turn into a very sweet girl. Chestnut hair coloring ideal for bob hair.

#14: Fauxhawk Cut

mohawk edgy hair

Growing out the hair a bit. Still trying to rock the fauxhawk. We’ll see how much longer I can get away with it.

#15: Edgy Texture

edgy short haircut

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If you like short haircut you can try this model. Choppy texture, contrast transitions between hair lengths and asymmetrical bangs will not leave others indifferent.

#16: Edgy Hair Color Combo

edgy hair color combo


#17: Edgy Ombre Balayage

Edgy ombre balayage

Im loving 😍 the deep яȏȏṭєԀ, freehand 👩‍🎨🎨balayage sessions lately. My Girl @galwithgumption 👯‍♀️ wanted an Ombré effect with the blend of a balayage so the grow out would be seamless. ✨✨✨ Girl you Edgy AF 🔥

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#18: Edgy Undercuts

edgy undercuts

When someone asks “what’s trendy?” and their stylist responds “Well undercuts are out… ” umm 😐 nope 👎🏼 Art is IN… self expression is SO in…. you better check yourself!*Motivating others to self express one set of hair at a time. When asked what I do, I say I do hair, but people… yes you can do just one style or technique and be a “Master” although deep in us we know we can never be masters… imagine that 🤔 We can be creative and we can be givers… we can evolve and enhance and influence. But a master?? I’m an artist and I love my clients … and their hairs 😍 Source

#19: Beautiful Orange Hair

beautiful orange hair

Happy Thursday !!!! Say hello so my beautiful orange hair🍑 @arcticfoxhaircolor in sunset orange 🍊!!!!! Kept it on for bout an hour to get this vibrant hot Cheetos color.

#20: Edgy Red Hair Colour

Edgy red hair colour

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Helen and her hot new hair colour 🔥 😍Created by Rosie 🍒
Who’s ready for a change? So many gorgeous colours and cuts to choose from! Who’s next?? 😉

#21: Edgy Platinum Blonde

Edgy platinum blonde


#22: Shag Dark Hairstyle

Shag dark hairstyle

Shag meets grunge. @ashtannerhair is the bomb. 💥

#23: Edgy Punk Hairstyle

Edgy punk hairstyle

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mista.willisthe start of a mullet. I can’t wait. shoutout @jessicadhope for always wanting cool stuff.

#24: Blonde Ombre Hair Color

edgy blonde ombre hair color


#25: Blunt Bob Haircut

Edgy and trendy Blunt Bob haircut

Super Edgy and trendy Blunt Bob haircut! Absolutely in love with this style… creamy colormelt with sandy tones 😍

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