14 Cool Sassy Bobs, Medium Haircuts

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Some women want to look younger. Some want to look mature. If you feel good, you have to act that way. Sassy haircuts let ladies of their 40s, 50s and even older look trendy and far youthful than they’re. Young and mature women can try these hair models very interesting.

Sassy Bobs, Medium Haircuts

#1: Sassy Bob Platinum

sassy bob platinum hair

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Excellent exquisite platinum and gray hair coloring. I recommend you do not think too much when choosing this hair color. Because women with silver hair are always extraordinary.

#2: Cute Bob for Women

cute bob for women

Would you like to have such sweet red hair. This straight hair model can try women of all ages.

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#3: Long Side Bob Sassy

long bob sassy hairstyle

This bob sassy long hairstyle is very suitable for young girls. This model, which looks very striking, can surprise people.

#4: Bob for Round Face

versatile bob for round face

This soft wavy hair style office will show you mature as well. Just use your fingers with a little jelly. You do not have to work hard.

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#5: Blonde Sassy Hairstyle

blonde sassy hair

These waves make you romantic. Classic hair models have become indispensable for women every semester.

#6: Wavy Dark Medium

wavy dark medium hairstyle

This model with perfect face looks great with this hairstyle. You do not have to just collect your hair for business women. Let your hair shake. Dance with harmony 🙂

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#7: Cute Shag Bangs

shag sassy hair

Let these waves be free and shaggy on the ends. An excessive amount of sweetness and perfection aren’t the very best issues in fashionable hairstyles.

#8: Sassy Messy Short

short cool cuts

Her short haircut incorporates a rounded back side line, so she will go for daring, sassy finishes with out a concern to finish up with one thing that’s reasonably an excessive amount of.

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#9: Short Curly for Round Faces

short curly for round faces

This hairstyle will show you cool. Oval-face women always want to look different. just up to you to look perfect.

#10: Short Sassy Pixie

short sassy brown pixie with brunette

One of the standard brief and sassy haircuts is a pixie that may have a look of a faux-hawk.

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#11: Sassy Platinum Blonde

sassy platinum blonde

Love my sassy client who let me make her platinum!

#12: Cool Sassy Cut

sassy hair for woman

New cut and Balayage on this pretty lady! You will look cool with this hairstyle.

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#13: Sassy Modern Bob

sassy modern bob

There may be many reasons to try this french sassy hair model. Women over 40s may look younger by making the hair color white.

#14: Modern Shag

Shag bangs hairstyle

These green eyes can fall in love with all men. But only the eyes are not enough. You need to make your hair interesting as well.

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